Vehicles List Notice

NSA would like to inform candidates who have applied to provide  census transportation services, that the list of vehicles has been released.

Candidates are required to bring along their original ID, copy of ID, vehicle owner certificate, letter of consent if the owner is not the one bringing the vehicle.

Successful census transportation services owners must report to the constituency offices where their vehicles are allocated. Reporting days are from 16 – 17 September 2023.

For Khomas the vehicles are to report at Khomas Rural Constituency, Groot Aub.

List of vehicles transportation services providers

Click on the region below to see the certified lists of successful candidates.


  • The selected vehicles were selected randomly since there was no bidding based on price.
  • Few to no vehicles were selected in most of the urban areas because of other arrangements made in urban areas.
  • Look for your name/vehicle in all the Constituencies of your Region as some vehicles are proposed for other constituencies.

Kindly note that NSA reserves the right to remove a name that was erroneously added onto the list at any given time.